Motorcycle Ride Sharing in Bangladesh (Complete Guide)

Ride-Sharing is now a popular transportation system in Bangladesh. Kilometers after kilometers when cars are stuck in traffic. Then the motorcycle is passing the passenger quickly. Imtiaz Kashem introduced it. He launched the world’s first motorcycle ride-sharing ‘Share a Motorcycle’ (SAM) app. That was on May 8, 2016, in the capital Dhaka. On that day, […]

How To Get Digital Number Plate Of Your Bike

Here is details information on how to get a digital number plate for your bike. Every motorcycle in our country has a digital number plate since it was officially announced. Our government and the Road Transport Authority have taken the gradation to restrain motorcycle crime and to find out quickly. All the new buyers and […]

Things You Need To Do For Transferring Motorcycle Ownership In Bangladesh

Sometimes we need the process system’s information about the process of transferring Motorcycle Ownership in various ways. One of a kind motorcycle features, performance, mileage, power is one of kind. But many people cannot afford to buy new bikes which is why they want to buy old motorcycles or second-hand motorcycles. But not everyone knows […]

Best Sports Bikes Under 3 Lakh In Bangladesh

Naturally, the majority of people want to ride on a bike. There are different types of bikes that are available in Bangladesh. Today we will tell you about the top-rated sports bike of Bangladesh in your budget. Here we make a list of the best Sports Bikes from various brands whose price range is around […]

Things You Should Keep In Your Mind Before Going On A Long Ride

Sometimes most people fall in great danger when they go for a long ride. Most of them have no proper knowledge of what they would do before going on a long ride. As a result, they face many unexpected problems on the way. So they remain fails to go to their desired places. This is […]

Motorcycle GPS Tracker: Keep Your Eyes Always On Your Bike

GPS, the full form of this 3 word is Global Positioning System. It is a worldwide radio-navigation system that is formatted from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground station. Actually, the U.S Department of Defense, known as DOD, controls this GPS tracking System. Today I am going to write about the GPS tracking […]

Read Before Modifying Your Motorcycle

Modifying a motorcycle is the desire of most bike riders. The main reason for modifying a motorbike is to prove oneself something extra than others. For many reasons, the parts of your bike may need to modify many times. It bears the expert and qualification of a rider. Before modifying your motorcycle, you must know […]

Things You Need To Know About ABS Braking System

The full form of ABS is the Anti-lock Braking System. It is a system for safety that is used on motorbikes, buses, cars, trucks, and any other land vehicles. This system is also used on aircraft. ABS is used for managing the speed of vehicles. ABS is an automated system, and it uses the principles […]

Walton Motorcycle: First Motorcycle Manufacturer In Bangladesh

Walton is the first Motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. This brand makes various types of accessories every year. Motorcycles are one of them. Walton was established in 1977 as a subsidiary of Walton Group. Mainly this brand makes motorcycles which are ranging from 80cc to 150cc. They marketed these motorbikes in different countries. The Chairman of […]

5 Things To Consider Before Buying a New Bike

The bike is a common transport by which we can move from one place to another very easily. It is a very essential accessory to our daily life. It is also so cheap so that we all can afford this. It is a very needed accessory to our daily life for communication and so on. […]