Here is details information on how to get a digital number plate for your bike. Every motorcycle in our country has a digital number plate since it was officially announced. Our government and the Road Transport Authority have taken the gradation to restrain motorcycle crime and to find out quickly. All the new buyers and old users need to have this digital number plate. If you need the processing system’s information to get a digital number plate, then the thesis is suitable for you.

The Process To Get A Digital Number Plate

Now I am going to discuss here the processing system to get a digital number plate. You will get a digital plate number in some ways. But you have to do some important task when it is needed. I have collected all the steps to get a digital number plate. The getting systems are providing below. So follow the thesis carefully till the last.

The Process To Get A Digital Number Plate

Required Papers Of Digital Number Plate

To get a digital number plate for a bike, you have to show some identification documents or papers. These papers are presented in the article below. The required papers are-

1. Receipt of deposit
2. Attested photocopy of motorcycle registration certificate
3. Attested photocopy of fitness certificate
4. Attested photocopy of tax token paper

These guidelines must be followed if you have a digital number plate:

You have to collect an imposition slip from the BRTA office and fill-up the form out by the Blue Book. Next, the Signature and seal of the BRTA dominance will be taken on the assessment form for requisite fees. The performed money will be accumulated in the bank, and the current mobile number will be conferred. After that, the bank will give two computer-printed requirements for the revenue. Then after a few days, depositing the money you will be advised of biometric via SMS on your phone. Of course, You have to be present at the BRTA office on the cadastral day announcement via SMS After giving your proper biometric, at the time the registration and number plate of your bike is completed, the BRTA authorities will apprise you on the next SMS.

Motorcycle Number Plate Size In Bangladesh

Commonly, the size system of a motorcycle number plate is nine inches by seven inches. Since the age of 2001, all the motorcycle registrations’ letters have been needful to be the height is 64 mm and with the width is 44 mm. Besides, there are also some rules the distance of the letters. There must be both strokes, and the spacing system measure is a minimum of 10 mm.

Motorcycle Number Plate Size In Bangladesh

Bike Number Plate Design

There is no specific option to design a bike number plate. You can design it as your desired. You will get lots of design systems on the internet if you want. Besides, I have collected some photos of the plate design. Continue following the article.

The article will be finished now. I hope that you followed the article from beginning to end. What is your opinion after reading the whole article? Please inform me by comment. I tried my best to provide here all the correct information which is collected from a genuine source. But if you found any mistake in the article, please inform me immediately. Do you have an interest in any further information related to the topic? Then leave a comment. Thank you for remaining with me in the long run.

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