Sometimes we need the process system’s information about the process of transferring Motorcycle Ownership in various ways. One of a kind motorcycle features, performance, mileage, power is one of kind. But many people cannot afford to buy new bikes which is why they want to buy old motorcycles or second-hand motorcycles. But not everyone knows what rules or what to do to change the ownership of a motorcycle. Let’s see the rules.

Motorcycle Ownership Transferring Process

Many people do not know how to transfer motorcycle ownership when they buy a second-hand bike. When we buy an old or second-hand motorcycle, we have to make the paper or number plate of the motorcycle in our own name to change the ownership of the motorcycle. If you also do not know the processing system then the post is suitable for you. So no more delay, let’s see the processing system of transferring motorcycle ownership.

Motorcycle Ownership Transferring Process

Documents Required For Bike Ownership Transfer

You have to show some Vital documents required to obtain before the purchase when you want to change ownership of the motorcycle. The identification documents are given below.

In order to obtain TVRC, you will need a Registration Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate, Sales Receipt, Road Tax (RT) Certificate related to the motorcycle.

Other Documents That The Buyer Needs To Provide

You will need the following documents when you buy a second-hand motorcycle. The vital documents are:

  • Valid address proof
  • Valid identity proof
  • Two passport size photographs

Buyer To Do

Before purchase a second-hand bike, the buyer has to do some vital tasks namely Firstly, The buyer’s signature should be given in the prescribed form ‘TO’ and the sample signature of the buyer should be provided in the prescribed place of ‘TTO’. Then, Submission of the original copy of BRTA for receipt of prescribed fee submission.

After that, The buyer is required to submit an attested photocopy of his TIN Certificate, National Identity Card, and telephone bill in support of the current address. Afterwards, The buyer is required to provide both copies of his original registration certificate with attested photocopy of the digital registration certificate and updated tax-token, fitness, route permit (if applicable). Then, the Submission of the affidavit on purchase of TK 200. If the buyer is an organization then the letter has to be given on the official pad instead of the affidavit. Of course, Attendance at the concerned BRTA office for on-the-spot inspection of the motorcycle.

Seller To Do

In addition to the buyer tasks, the seller has also some important tasks to change the ownership of the motorcycle. To know about the task read the following article. First of all, provide the seller’s signature on the form ‘TTO’ and sales receipt with signature and revenue stamp. Then, submission of the affidavit on sale with photo for TK 200. Besides, provide intimation, board resolution, and authorization letter on the letterhead pad of the company if the seller is a company. Moreover, If the motorcycle is liable to the bank or any other institution, the debtor’s loan repayment clearance, loan adjustment statement, request letter from the bank along with Assistant Director BRTA, and affidavit on TK 200. That’s it.

Fees Of Transferring Ownership

  • Ownership change fee: 3500 TK
  • Stamp: 600 TK
  • Writing documents: 300 TK
  • Affidavit fee: 1500 TK

The article will be finished now. It is a detailed discussion of the process of transferring motorcycle ownership. The dissertation will help you in many ways and it is, of course, beneficial to you. What is your opinion after reading the article from beginning to end? of course, inform me by comment. Not only the information but also if you need any further information about the process, then just scribe a comment on the comment box below. I tried my best to make the article free from any mistake, but you found any mistake in the article, then please inform me by comment. I will fix the article as soon as possible. Thank you for staying with me in a long run.

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