Thinking about buying a used motorcycle And looking for tips for it? Don’t worry. I am going to write about this topic. In Bangladesh’s marketplace, it is a prevalent thing to buy and sell the used motorcycle. I am writing this article with a motive, and that is sometimes peoples are cheated when they buy a used motorcycle. It would help if you read this article before buying a used motorcycle, and I hope you will increase your loss possibility by it. Keep reading this article carefully.

Must Need To Check Before Buying A Used Motorcycle

In Bangladesh, used motorcycle buying and selling is a pervasive thing. Someone is waiting to buy a used bike, or someone is waiting to sell his used bike. Sometimes the buyers are cheated by the seller while buying a used motorcycle. Here I am going to inform you of some tricks, or you can take them by tips. If you abide by the trick given below while buying a used motorcycle, I am hopeful that you will never be cheated. I have almost given here almost 10 things to check when buying a used motorcycle. Keep reading to get detailed information related to the topic.

Buy From Right Place

First of all, you have to remember that if you want to plan to buy a bike, then buy it from the right place. I have added this point because presently, it is very risky to buy a used motorcycle. Some bikes are stolen. A stolen bike is not right to buy. It may be harmful to you at any time. So be careful about it where you will buy a bike. If necessary, you can find out about the seller’s and bike’s full details before buying his bike. It is perfect to be careful all the time. Try to remember that, To avoid any type of trouble, there is nothing without carefulness.

Of Course, The Test Ride

The elegance of a used motorcycle will never be the same as that of a new motorcycle, and there is no way to conjecture at the beauty of the outer. So the best way to understand the bike’s condition is to go on a test ride; the more time it takes, the more times you can go. The more you test in the test ride, the more the bike will be manifested in front of you; you will catch on where the problem is. You will get a complete idea about the engine condition after a test drive. To know about a used bike’s internal condition, the test ride is a beneficial way. So this point keeps on your mind.

Service History Record

Sometimes it is tough to guess about a bike’s age to see its outlook. Or you know the outlook is changeable; maybe the seller changed the total outlook of his bike before buying, and it seems very new to you then what do you do? Simply you can check the Service History Record of this bike. A regularly complained motorcycle will, of course, take proper care of the chain and sprocket at regular every so often, change the engine oil at regular intervals, and keep the tires with regular and moderate airflow. If you look at the bike’s record book, you will have a clear idea about this history, and you can easily conjecture the motorcycle’s position.


Generally, motorcycle mileage refers to the fuel efficiency of the bike. To say more simply, how many km does a motorcycle run on one liter of fuel? Mileage is always an important factor when buying a motorcycle, whether it is new or old. Mileage should be carefully considered before buying a used bike. Here I have added some tips; by following these, you will check the mileage very easily.

  • At first, empty the fuel tank, fill in one liter of fuel and then take a test drive until the fuel tank is empty again.
  • Note your travel distance by the odometer.
  • Use the bike usually till the bike runs out of petrol.
  • You will easily get the bike mileage or the complete idea of how many km your motorcycle runs on one liter of fuel.

Valid Paperwork

Before buying an old car or a motorcycle, check the paperwork—motorcycle registration, whether the insurance paper is done, whether it has been newish after paying proceeds. And if possible, with a chassis number, see if there is litigation. If the paperwork is illegible, the matter of buying a motorcycle will not go anymore, no matter how much he likes it, no matter how little he gets. So it is essential to pay attention to this point. It is very common in Bangladesh to get in trouble due to a lack of proper paperwork, so don’t compromise it.

Opportunity For Cheapen

Make the most of it if you have the opportunity if you are budget aware. However, in many cases, the used bike becomes so exotic that the buyer falls in love already with the bike. If this is the case with you, you must keep the love furtive in your mind and never let the seller understand it. So Don’t let your mind read to the seller if you want to increase his bike price. But I think you know; good things have to be bought at good prices.

Check Footpegs, Handlebars, And Levers

Check Footpegs, Handlebars, And Levers before buying the used bike. It is a very serious point for you to avoid bad products. And it is imperative to check the bike’s Footpegs, Handlebars, and Levers. If the bike’s footpegs and handlebars are scratched or damaged, then the bike will not be suitable for buy. Nevertheless, you want to buy; it is your own decision.

Chain And Sprocket

The name ‘sprocket’ applies to the bike wheel upon which radial projections engage a chain passing over it. Check the chain and sprocket condition before by a used bike because the chain and sprocket condition of a bike can tell you the real condition of a used bike. So I think it will be an excellent method for you to check the chains and sprockets.

Paints And Chrome

A bike is arranged with paints and chrome. It enhances the bike’s elegance. Before buying the used bike, take a proper look and take an observation about the bike. Get a good looking bike; you have to check paints and chrome. If you are a modern conscious person, you should pay attention to this point.

Front Forks

A bicycle front fork is the part of a bicycle that holds the front wheel. The front fork consists of two blades, which are joined at the top by a fork crown. Check the bike’s front forks deeply, and it is easy to see. Also, check scratches or nicks in the chrome of the bike. That’s it.

After analyzing the information about the things that should be checked to buy a used motorcycle, I hope you will remember these points before buying a used motorcycle. I came into the article’s final part. I hope the article will be beneficial for you. If you think you will need any more information about the topic, leave a comment in the comment box below. Thank you for visiting this site.

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