Are you so much worried about what you would do now losing your bike registration paper? No problem. You have come to the right place. This article will share with you everything about what you should do after losing your bike registration paper. So look over the article patiently and follow the following instruction. I am so much hope full that your problem will be solved.

What Is Registration Paper Of Motorcycle

Registration Paper Of Motorcycle is the registration of a motor vehicle with a government authority, either compulsory. The registration paper of a motorcycle is to establish a link between the vehicle and the vehicle owner, and it is the main purpose of the registration paper. This link is used for taxation or crime detection purpose.

After registration, every vehicle is identified uniquely, and only registered vehicles display a vehicle registration plate and carry a vehicle registration certificate. The registration of motorcycles in Bangladesh is essential though the process of registration is very complicated.

What Is Registration Paper Of Motorcycle

Things To Do To Get Losing Registration Paper

Have you lost your motorcycle registration paper? Could you not take it easy? After losing the registration paper, you should take steps immediately; otherwise, it will be harmful to you. First of all, you have to make a GD (general diary) at your nearest police station, and you should do GD as soon as possible. After making GD at the police station, please take a GD copy and take it to the BRTA office where the bike was registered.

Then you should place an application to the BRTA office to get a duplicate registration paper. Below I am going to discuss in detail how to apply for a bike registration paper. Keep your reading.

The Process Of Apply For New Bike Registration Paper

The total process of re-registration I have divine in some points. Here are all the steps about how to apply for a new registration paper. So without wasting time, let’s get started. First of all, you have to place a certificate to the BRTA office and submitting the application copy. You must need some documents. The documents that you need to fill up are:

  • Duplicate Registration Form: Need a duplicate form of your bike registration form. It should be filled up with valid information.
  • Ownership Form: We need a new ownership form with valid information.
  • Three Passport Size Pictures Of The Owner: The owner has to carry three passport size pictures of himself.
  • Money Deposit Form: When you deposit money for your bike registration, you will get a deposit form. You have to carry that deposit form with you to get your new registration form.
  • GD (General Diary) Copy: Need a copy of General Diary. After losing your registration paper, the first and primary thing you have to do a General Diary to the police. The general diary copy will be needed for your new registration paper as proof of your loss.
  • Traffic Clearance Copy: Must keep the traffic clearance copy with you; it is important for your application process.
  • Tax Token And Real Registration Paper Photocopy (If Possible): If you can collect the Tax Token And Real Registration Paper, keep a photocopy of this paper.

After filling up the form, the owner must meet the BRTA officer who will check your form and remark your money deposit form. Then the owner has to go to a certain bank to pay some obligatory money and take the slip from the bank. Then the owner needs traffic clearance. After that, the owner needs to take all the papers (GD copy, passport size photos, Bank deposit slip) to the BRTA office and submit them. Thus your form will be submitted, and afterward, the BRTA authority will inform you after the next instructions. And finally, you will get a new certificate for your bike.

That’s all about the things you will do if you lost the bike registration paper. I hope this article will help you and it will be beneficial for you. Read the whole article carefully and follow the instruction. If you have any objections to this article, then leave a comment below. We will try to fix the article as soon as possible. Please stay connected with us to get more information. Thanks for visiting the website.

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